As we enter 2021 - the world looks very different. We at Whittemore - Community, Culture & Conservation with Friends of Whittemore are doing our best to provide our Community with safe, fun options to spend your time outdoors. As we promised in 2020, we have stayed open for all to enjoy the property and what it has to offer. We will continue to do so, following CDC guidelines and health protocols.


We are excited to announce WhittemoreCCC is celebrating our 5-Year Anniversary! This is not how we had hoped to celebrate this milestone - our Welcome Center is closed, we cannot support our artist community with indoor art shows and receptions, our indoor painting classes are on hold and we will not be able to offer summer camps. But, we will be offering a wide array of programs for all to enjoy outdoors: 18 Garden Concerts, over 100 Wellness & Nature Programs, a new sculpture in our Sculpture Garden, a new Woodland Garden and Pathway showcasing Native Plants,  and a new Meditation project to be unveiled this year for all to experience.

Join today and become a Member of a Community who is passionate about Nature, Wellness and the Arts!

Which Membership fits your needs?

How Many Pierogis Come in an Order?

Our small dishes come with 6 and our large dishes include 10 perfectly cooked pierogis; all topped with all your favorite ingredients!

Are Your Pierogis Dairy-Free?

Yes! Our pierogi base consists of potatoes, onions and flour.

Is There a Limit to How Many Toppings I Can Add to a Dish?

Never! Our dishes are fully customizable to make sure you can always get the ultimate Loaded Experience.

Can I Pre-Order for Pick-Up?

Most definitely. To pre-order: 1) Select your desired location 2) Chose our "Touch Bistro" platform. 3) Complete your order. 4) Select your optimal pick-up time. 5) Your order has now been successfully placed!

Are There Gluten-Free Options?

Currently our pierogi and Mac and Cheese dishes are not gluten-free, however any of our poutines and salads can be modified to be gluten free.

Is There Nurtritional Information For Your Dishes?

We will be implementing nutritional information guidelines throughout our locations in the near future.

Do Your Poutines Come With Gravy?

Our Montreal Poutine comes with beef gravy and cheese curds. All other dishes come with the corresponding sauces listed in the dish description. If you're a gravy lover, you can always add an extra side of beef gravy to your order!

I'm Interested In a Franchise; How Do I Find More Information?


7 Rockaway Road

Oldwick, New Jersey 08858

P: 908-439-1201

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