Tri-county Artists en Plein-Air (TAPA) Exhibit

Rosemary O’Rourke • Anne CadeRobyn Cunningham • Carolyn Evans Kathy Sheola Arleen Szeliga

Sandy Ross - Photography

Sandy Ross is a Tewksbury-local landscape photographer, who often photographs familiar surroundings and then, through her post-process editing, interprets the scenes through her own artistic lens. Her work makes it possible to see our natural and man-made resources in a new way. 

A chance meeting at Whittemore with Carolyn led to a conversation about similar sensibilities, which led to an artistic and business agreement to have Sandy join Carolyn's staff. She currently documents many of Whittemore's events and magnificent grounds, throughout the seasons. 


David Horowitz - Sculptor

Whittemore CCC community is a natural fit for my work, process, philosophy, and mission. 

One of the most satisfying aspects of contributing to Whittemore are the opportunities to work with and help others as a team in our shared goals .  

The support and collaboration I’ve experienced is nothing less than inspiring. Whittemore provides a public place for me to visually express my message…”We are the stewards of the planet and our community. Everything we do or do not do, requires us to address this awesome responsibility”. 


I will be showing 4 human size sculptures. These sculptures were hand carved from 2 spalted maple trees. 2 are from the roots and stump and the other 2 are from a branch and the trunk.

The trees I carve are all dead and discarded. I saved them from the chipper and transformed them into sculptures!