Tri-county Artists en Plein-Air (TAPA) Exhibit

Rosemary O’Rourke • Anne CadeRobyn Cunningham • Carolyn Evans Kathy Sheola Arleen Szeliga

Sandy Ross - Photography

Sandy Ross is a Tewksbury-local landscape photographer, who often photographs familiar surroundings and then, through her post-process editing, interprets the scenes through her own artistic lens. Her work makes it possible to see our natural and man-made resources in a new way. 

A chance meeting at Whittemore with Carolyn led to a conversation about similar sensibilities, which led to an artistic and business agreement to have Sandy join Carolyn's staff. She currently documents many of Whittemore's events and magnificent grounds, throughout the seasons. 


David Horowitz - Sculptor

Whittemore CCC community is a natural fit for my work, process, philosophy, and mission. 

One of the most satisfying aspects of contributing to Whittemore are the opportunities to work with and help others as a team in our shared goals .  

The support and collaboration I’ve experienced is nothing less than inspiring. Whittemore provides a public place for me to visually express my message…”We are the stewards of the planet and our community. Everything we do or do not do, requires us to address this awesome responsibility”. 


I will be showing 4 human size sculptures. These sculptures were hand carved from 2 spalted maple trees. 2 are from the roots and stump and the other 2 are from a branch and the trunk.

The trees I carve are all dead and discarded. I saved them from the chipper and transformed them into sculptures!

SCULPTURE GARDEN - UNVEILING "Skyhook", Saturday May 1st at Noon:

If you cannot attend we will LiveStream on FB @SculptureGardenwhittemoreCCC

Jeff Mase - Sculptor

When you first come upon Jeff Mase’s work, you feel a sense of nostalgia for a simpler era. He uses basic common building blocks, materials from an industrial age gone by, which “catapult" us back in time. I use the word “catapult” in quotes for a reason. If you step back and look closer at the geometry, balance, counter balance, mass and weight, your feeling of nostalgia blends with a feeling of anticipation and suspense. You realize that the clean lines which form this simple geometry of thick cable, wood, steel and gravity are filled with Potential Energy and force….the force of a loaded catapult at rest, prior to release. Jeff's visual exploration of the duality of "calm intensity "innocently draws us in. His piece then introduces us to the philosophy of trying to maintain a balanced life under the laws of physics and our natural environment.

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Alison Scherr - Artist

I am a painter interpreting the movement of light and patterns in nature, images unaltered by the human hand. Using a mix of house paint, ink, pastel and spray paint, I create large-scale paintings on drop cloth, plexiglass or sheet metal that are evocative of stopped moments of time. My process often begins with quickly pulling and dropping paint across the canvas, exploring my wingspan and how I move with the paint. I then layer graphic or symbolic marks to articulate a hidden dialogue in the natural world. My work explores the themes of unspoken language through movement and layering of color. Like nature, my paintings have an element of the unfinished

and spontaneous.

Greetings from Carolyn Thow, President- Friends of Whittemore

Whittemore is at its core, a nature center. The earth, the soil, plant life, the physical land is the heart and soul of WCCC. At WCCC, actual physical seeds take root and grow. THAT is, as well “planting its own seeds”, connecting artists that live and work throughout Hunterdon County with each other and the community.

Our 180-acre preserve was bequeathed to Tewksbury Township by our beloved Helen A. Whittemore. She was a nature lover and diarist who wanted her land and house to be preserved so that others may be awed by the natural world and inspired by its beauty to preserve it.

Our preserve includes Whittemore House, Whittemore Meadows and 11 miles of trails for hiking, dog walking, and exploring, photographing and painting nature. Trails traverse mainly wooded areas with wetlands, ravines, and hilly terrain. The preserve also serves as the perfect stage for birders and nature lovers to view local avian species and other wildlife.

How does the beauty of Whittemore inspire you?  We are so excited about the partnerships we have forged and the programming we have lined up.  From talented painters, certified master gardeners, award winning musicians, children’s camps, environmentalists, and a whole host of talented professionals and enthusiasts, there are so many ways to explore the beauty of our own backyard. We can’t wait to see you!

WDVR radio - "Let's Talk"

Listen to Carolyn Thow, as she talk about Friends of Whittemore, Whittemore - Community, Culture & Conservation, what they are doing to celebrate their 5-year anniversary, 2021 Programs and THAT.

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