Guided Walks

See nature through the eyes of an artist, a birder / musician, a photographer, a naturalist, a yogi, a writer/educator.
Join us on Saturdays at 9:30am in June, July, and August for a
45 minute family friendly walk
or at 10:30am for an adult centered walk.
FREE for members. $10 for non-members.

Upcoming Guided Walks

Erin Klemme – Yoga Instructor                      

“Walking Gently Upon The Earth”

This walk with Erin will integrate breathing techniques and gentle yoga-inspired stretches to bring awareness to how we walk upon the earth and our relationship to the world around us.  You will be encouraged to connect with the loving kindness within as we interact with nature and examine our impact on the world. 

Bio: Erin Klemme has been teaching yoga in our community for more than 15 years.  She is the founder and director of P.S. 108, a non-profit center for yoga in Bedminster, as well as the co-owner of Glow, a center for yoga, families, and wellness in Basking Ridge.  


Todd Lambrix – Artist                                        

“Connecting to Nature Through Art”

On our Family Walks, we will see how our connection to the natural world and our wonderment at its complexities crosses the divide between science and art. The segments in a caterpillar, the veins in a leaf, the beautiful patterned networks in moss and lichens can capture our curiosity and raise questions about how nature functions and our place in it. As we walk through the woods we will explore our connection to these things by looking and considering the ways in which science and art are interconnected. Sketchbooks and pencils are encouraged. Please leave devices behind for this walk.

On our Adult Walks, we will see how deeper connections to what we do and where we are can produce profound understandings of ourselves and the world around us. Those connections can emerge when we take some time to see more intently. We will do this on our walk by looking, listening and drawing. On our one hour walk we will explore the grounds of Whittemore by immersing ourselves in the sensory experience and consider what we see in a variety of thought provoking ways. Your guide will point out various aspects of our surroundings through the lens of an artist who uses nature as subject and form and will illustrate elements of the landscape that may have otherwise gone unseen. Please bring a sketchbook and pencil and leave devices behind.
Bio: Todd Lambrix is Whittemore’s Artist in Residence and an Assistant Professor of Fine Arts at Parsons New School for Design in NYC.  Todd works across a variety of disciplines and media while trying to examine the way terrestrial systems and environments form, operate, expand, contract, recede, advance, coagulate, reproduce, thrive and die.  



August 19th

Nina L. DeCoster –Writer/ Educator                                              

“Whittemore As Muse”

Families will embark on an 'animal walk' down to the banks of a glistening stream.  Each step is carefully calculated as the kids see their surroundings through new eyes.  The crunch of a stick, the sound of fluttering wings overhead, or the gentle breeze - all of this and more will be experienced through the eyes and imagination of your child.  Kids will play and relax by the water’s edge as parents help write down the words spoken by their animal friend.  Families will leave with the written memory of their sweet & soulful new animal friend’s adventure in the wild. 

Nature’s voice will be observed in this free flow adult meditative writing session.  Taking advantage of our surroundings, Nina will help guide you in writing a piece that reflects your connection with our immediate surroundings and your soul within.  Stretching our listening, mind, and heart, we will plunge headfirst into a writing session that fosters deep soulful smiles and heartfelt words that only you have the power to write.  Allow the flow of delicate sounds and peacefulness to inspire the voice inside you.

Bio: Nina L. DeCoster – life-long educator and creative soul.  Mother of 3, wife, avid gardener, wellness crusader, writer, and magic seeker.   An elementary school teacher for 13 years and recipient of Teacher of the Year in a Morris County school.  I look for inspiration, genuine smiles, and peace in everything I do.  The complex taste of guacamole, the way tree branches create pictures high in the sky, and the warmth of my children's skin when I snuggle next to them.... it's all magic. It's there for you too! Join me in a writing adventure that will open your mind to the quiet sounds and sights that live all around you. 


Alan Rigoletto – Bird Enthusiast                                     

“Birds and the Environment”

When we observe birds and bird behavior, we can learn a lot about how animals interact with the environment.  Bring your binoculars, and Alan will take you on a tour of Whittemore’s diverse ecosystems and discuss how birds use each location while looking and listening for the different local birds on the property. 

Bio:  Alan Rigoletto is a Lambertville-based professional musician and amateur bird photographer.  Although he has always had an interest in birds and bird calls, his enthusiasm for birds really took off when he moved to Lambertville in 2015 and experienced the diversity of birds around the Delaware River.  Since then, Alan has been honing his skills as a bird expert and photographer.  He currently gives lessons in bird watching for school field trips on the S.P.L.A.S.H. Steamboat in Lambertville.


Carl Klemme - Yoga Instructor                                    

“Walking Meditation”

This walk with Carl will examine walking as meditation. You will learn techniques to bring mindfulness and conscious breathing to each step, using movement to still the mind.  Short breaks will be taken for seated meditation, revealing clarity within and the beauty around us.  

Bio:  Carl Klemme's love of nature and appreciation of stillness has inspired his teaching of yoga and meditation in our community for more than 20 years.  He is a co-owner of Glow, a center for yoga, families, and wellness in Basking Ridge, as well as a photographer who has delighted in capturing the beauty of the world around us.  

Sandy Ross – Photographer                   

“Capturing The Moment”

As a photographer and landscape designer, Sandy brings a unique perspective on photography through the way she sees light in composing an image for emotional impact.  Sandy will touch on the three important factors to look for when photographing – Light, Moment, and Composition.  Bring your equipment of choice, from manual camera to iPhone, and learn what to look for when taking your shot!

Bio:  Learn about Sandy and her love for photography here.

September 9th               

Alan Rigoletto - Musician                              

"Soundscapes in Nature"

The world is a bit more magical when you take some time to really listen to the ordinary sounds you hear every day.  The sound of the wind in the trees or a trickling stream becomes a complex composition, surrounded by a whole environment of other sounds to be heard and experienced.  Alan will take you on a deep listening journey at Whittemore, giving you techniques to open your ears and appreciate the beauty of every day sounds.

Bio:  After receiving his degree in Classical Guitar Performance from The College of New Jersey in 2010, Lambertville, NJ based musician Alan Rigoletto has been an active performer both internationally and locally. Through his various musical projects as a soloist and in ensembles, Alan has become proficient at Jazz, Bossa Nova, Rock, Bluegrass, Irish Folk, and Indian Classical Vocals. He currently performs at weddings around New Jersey and Pennsylvania as a classical guitarist, and currently plays in three bands: Pyrenesia (Gypsy Folk and Hot Jazz), Rigelectric (Alan's own originals), and Paddy and the Pale Boys (Irish Rock). Aside from performing, Alan has many students as a guitar, piano, and voice teacher.  He is also the organizer of Hunterdon County World Music Day, a World Music themed music festival that is run by the Hunterdon County Cultural and Heritage Commission. In his spare time, Alan is an avid bird enthusiast and photographer. For more information, please visit his website at

September 2nd

Carolina Rivera – Photographer                   

“Capturing The Moment”

As a fine art documentary photographer, Carolina brings a unique perspective on photography through the way she sees light in composing an image for emotional impact.  Carolina will touch on the three important factors to look for when photographing – Light, Moment, and Composition.  Bring your equipment of choice, from manual camera to iPhone, and learn what to look for when taking your shot!

Bio:  Carolina Wahnish Rivera is a fine art documentary photographer concentrating her work on weddings and documenting families.  Her body of work and style of photography is based on moment driven images, as well as capturing natural light in a unique way to convey emotion and mood.  Carolina recently moved to Califon from Bedminster, NJ, and is enjoying the newly acquired country life as she enjoys spending her free time with her 2 young daughters, husband, and 3 dogs.