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Linda Dujack - headshot_edited.jpg

Linda Dujack

Artist Statement

I am a printing/assemblage artist.  I have been collecting found objects from the New Jersey countryside and seashore for many years all of which find their way into my art.  I am especially interested in the old rusty items and rawness and storytelling they add to my work.


As a printmaker (I’ll print anything that doesn’t move) and sometimes those prints find their way into my assembled works.   Recently I stumbled upon a very flattened, old rusty can by the side of the road and decided to create a monoprint using this can as the plate.  In addition to finding cans, I also collect natural and other old rusty objects.  

When I am not creating you can find me wandering trails, sidewalks and collecting old and intriguing items to add to my creations.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


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