Whittemore is a land and cultural preservation effort on the behalf of the last property owner, Helen A. Whittemore. In keeping with her vision, the Sculpture Garden art will focus on the Earthworks Art Movement and Environmental Sculptures using sustainable materials and processes. 

It is our goal to select and install large-scale sculptures that exemplify Helen’s vision and passion of land preservation of our natural environment.


As Director and Curator of the new sculpture garden I will select artwork mindful of this imperative criteria.

Open Call For Artists;

It is our intension on an annual basis to select an appropriate sculpture to add to the new sculpture garden collection.

Sculpture Garden 1st Annual


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First Installation:



Saturday, May 16th, 2020

This twenty foot tall Totem type sculpture is a nod to the indigenous inhabitants of the North American continent. Large pieces of our natural environment (trees, branches, stones and boulders) are artfully balanced by stacking, twisting and nesting together, engineering an abstract natural giant, watching over the Whittemore Property.  The assemblage of these large pieces of mother earth, speak to the delicate and imperative balance required between humans and the planet we live on.  

The “Oracle” will be the steward of Whittemore.

Artist Statement:


Whittemore Sculpture Garden

I describe my work as “Modern Nativism”. I use primitive hand tools and natural materials to create one-of-a-kind pieces of environmental sculpture. 


The focus of my work and life is upon Balance: visual, physical, and emotional. It is a never-ending pursuit. Balance, in its most literal sense, can be experienced in each piece of my “Modern Nativism” sculptures.


To create my large scale “Totem Sculptures,” I use materials that our environment provides: dead trees, branches, boulders, stones, sand, and even discarded man-made remains of industry. The Totems are made by carving these “collected” elements and stacking / balancing one atop another.

My contemporary Totem Sculptures are a reminder and acknowledgement of the original inhabitants who lived in harmony with nature and who acted as protectors of the earth and its resources.   


With these Totems, I wish to invoke a primitive sense of being, while at the same time examining our current place in the natural world. These Totems exemplify our need as a species to reconnect with nature, and to act as stewards of our planet verses exploiters.  


David Horowitz

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