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Workshops with Todd Lambrix

About Todd Lambrix

Whittemore is happy to introduce Todd Lambrix , our current Artist in Residence at Whittemore CCC. Todd is a full time professor of Fine Arts at Parsons School of Design in New York, has taught drawing in Paris, and is a life-long resident of Hunterdon County. He has a Masters Degree in Sculpture from The Rhode Island School of Design and a Bachelor’s Degree in Painting from Rutgers University. He works across a variety of media and has been plein air painting for more than 10 years. Todd will be working with Whittemore to introduce art and culture through various types of programming including artist showcases and workshops in different media.

Pictured below is an example of programming to come in 2018.

Plein-Air Painting Workshops


This workshop is a 4 session immersion into painting en plein air or literally, painting outdoors. We will take our french box easels and oil paints out onto the grounds of Whittemore and beyond and learn techniques for painting the landscape. Our goal will be one painting per session but we will remain flexible in how we approach this. We will consider size and scale, texture and color, brushwork and stylistic differences as well as surfaces and how to prepare them. Class time will consist of short talks and demonstrations and painting in the field with individual support from the instructor. Pack a lunch or pick up something at Whittemore to take along. Join for the instruction or for the community of painters working outdoors this summer. You will need the supplies listed on the supply list. You may already have these or wish to purchase them for this class. There is also a kit available with everything you need for purchase.

4 Friday Sessions


Tuition: $400 for all four sessions

Supply List

The Kit includes everything you would need to not only take the class, but continue on with this style of painting beyond the class. 

  • Julian French Box Easel: $99.00

  • Sennelier Plein air paint kit: $100.17

  • DaVinci Brush Set: $51.73

  • 2 Palette knives : $16.00

  • Single Palette cup: $8.00

  • Guerilla brush cleaner: $17.00

  • Mineral Spirits $10

  • Linseed Oil $10

Total Kit price: $312.00

If you have already painted and have supplies, you can purchase items individually as per your needs. 

Please check back!
We are working on our 2018 programming to include a variety of media for the coming season.
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