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We have deep run roots...

Our 180-acre preserve was bequeathed to Tewksbury Township by our beloved Helen A. Whittemore. She was a nature lover and diarist who wanted her land and house to be preserved so that others may be awed by the natural world and inspired by its beauty to preserve it.

Our preserve includes Whittemore House, Whittemore Meadows and 11 miles of trails for hiking, dog walking, and exploring, photographing and painting nature. Trails traverse mainly wooded areas with wetlands, ravines, and hilly terrain. The preserve also serves as the perfect stage for birders and nature lovers to view local avian species and other wildlife.

Friends of Whittemore

Whittemore - Community, Culture and Conservation 

Managed by the Friends of Whittemore, a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation formed to effectuate the bequest of Helen Whittemore.  Encompassing 180 acres of land on Rockaway Road in Tewksbury Township, 11 miles of nature trails, and the renovated Whittemore House, Whittemore - Community, Culture, and Conservation offers a wide variety of Nature, Cultural and Educational Programming for enthusiasts of all ages. Funds raised through donations, grants and special events directly support Whittemore - Community, Culture & Conservation.

The flowers are blooming, it's a new year...


How does the beauty of Whittemore inspire you?  We are so excited about the partnerships we have forged and the programming we have lined up.  From talented painters, certified master gardeners, award winning musicians, children’s camps, environmentalists, and a whole host of talented professionals and enthusiasts, there are so many ways to explore the beauty of our own backyard. We can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn Thow
President, Friends of Whittemore
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