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FOW Jasmine Bloch-Krempels.jpg

Music Director

Garden Concert Coordinator


Ben Walmer, HDC Broadloom 4/23 - Catmoondaddy

Hank Reed, Culinary Journeys 6/23 - Joe Grillo

Anthony Mercado, Yard Taco - 8/4 - ALBO (A Little Bit Off)

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Foodie | Events

We are so excited to be able to offer 11 Garden Concerts this year, including musical acts playing for our two fundraising dinners! With everything from rock to pop to folk to bluegrass to classical, we know there’s something for everyone to enjoy in our beautiful garden setting.  We’ve even added select food experiences, Food Makes Friends, for some of our performances!  Members enjoy select free and discounted tickets, so why not become a member today?

- Jasmine

Garden Concert Calendar