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Summer Camp 2023


Ages 5-12

Session 1 June 19th-23rd

Session 2 June 26th-30th

Session 3 July 5th-7th

Session 4 July 10th-14th


Camp is Rain or Shine!

Outdoor & Indoor Programming

Indoor and outdoor activities include regularly scheduled snacks, mini-lunch (nut-free) and water breaks. 

Give your child a summer camp experience
they won't forget!


- we added a 4th week

- EarlyBird Discount

(use EARLYBIRD15 at check-out under coupons) Valid until February 28th

- Sibling Discount available at checkout as well!

​For over 20 years, children have been exploring the grounds of Whittemore and enjoy all that it has to offer; forests, ponds (ohh the frogs), streams (ohh the crayfish), wildlife and so much more - as they make long-lasting friendships and memories.

Each week, campers will enjoy a wide range of nature based activities & challenges that foster the creative process.  Campers will be outside every day, rain or shine, exploring our 180-acre estate and drawing inspiration to create works of art from natural materials as well as nature based science & wilderness activities.  The experienced staff (1st aid & CPR trained) and the weekly surprise Special Guests (Botanists, Gardeners, Photographer, Artists, The Grand Fallons and others), will enhance their understanding of, and appreciation for, the beauty of the outdoors.​


Session 1    June 19-23th


Explore the slimy world of frogs, salamanders & bugs at Whittemore's ponds, streams and waterways! Find turtles, grasshoppers and water bugs to study. Uncover what allows frogs and other wetland organisms to survive and thrive. Explore nature & its wildlife with hikes, wild-craft projects and more.

Collecting to Lean

Session 2   June 26-30th


This week is all about collecting different types of nature that inhabit Whittemore's wildlife. Explore different natural collections each day; insects, rocks, leaves, flowers & photos. Campers will get to have fun discovering our natural world through games, catch & release,  observation and creating their very own collections.


Session 3   July 5-7th   


This is a short week but we are going to pack in the activities, a little bit of everything; frog catching, nature walks, arts & crafts, fossil exploration, bird watching, scavenger hunt, ducks & drakes, maybe even buildling a Wigwam, just like the Lenape Indians did in there day and of course sprinkle time!

FOW 22 SC Wigwam.HEIC

Session 4   July 10-14th  


Did you know the Lenape Indians used to live on our lands? Learn how they made Hunterdon County their home. We will build Wigwams,  make some of the tools they used and learn how they lived among the plants and animals. Campers will learn their secretes through storytelling, exploration, hikes and craft-making.

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