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Installed, May 16th, 2020

This sculpture is the collaborative effort between myself and local Tewksbury resident, George Contrino.


Prior to conceptualizing this second sculpture, I had met George and admired his "sphere sculpture" made of welded old tools, gears, etc.

I was very impressed, and it immediately set my mind in motion. His sphere of tools needed a home.  In my mind's eye, I saw the orb hanging/floating.

From that standpoint the rest of the sculpture unfolded in front of me. 


I created the head using found rusted wire fencing. The eyes are hand painted cast glass. Inside the wire head is discarded broken mirror. I use broken mirrors to represent the uniqueness of the modern human condition: the good and bad in all of us and the need for honest self-reflection.


The base where the head rests is a dead oak tree's root bulb from the Whittemore property. I cleaned out  and detailed the root system, revealing the intricate workings and wonderment of nature. As in "Oracle" (my 1st sculpture at Whittemore), trees represent nature and our absolute need to take care of/repair our natural environment; this too is the WhittemoreCCC mission.


The head looking up, focused on the Orb, reminds us to do what our original ancestors did in their never-ending questioning of their existence. This sculpture encourages us all to look up to the stars, galaxies, sun, moon, asteroids, comets comprehend how small we really are.  


"No-Body Knows" is a tongue-in-cheek take on how smart we think we are, but how little we actually know. In short, it is a sculpture about Humor and Humility.


No-Body Knows by David Horowitz

"'No-Body Knows' is the second installation of Whittemore's Sculpture Garden in Tewksbury"

Photo Credits: Sandy Ross Photography



David Horowitz

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