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This is a gift for a Granola Lover!


Bag Old Mil Pond Farm homemade, all natural, GF Granola.



Our Artisan Granola is a wholesome, nutrient-rich granola we initially started making for our family at home when we felt the need for a not-too-sweet and nourishing breakfast or a healthy snack in between meals. It became so popular among our children and friends that we decided to add it to our premium farm product repertoire.

​We handcraft it ourselves in small batches with high-end, nutritious ingredients (most of them organically grown).

Oats*, Almonds*, Sunflower Seeds* Pumpkin Seeds*, Raisins*, Raw and Unfiltered Honey, Brown Sugar, Coconut Flakes*, Flax Seeds*, Canola Oil, Vanilla Extract*, Himalayan Pink Salt.
*ingredients organically grown

All our ingredients of the Artisan Granola are naturally free of gluten, however, they may be processed on equipment that also packages products that may contain gluten, milk, or other tree nuts not listed.
This order contains 1 bag of 1lb granola.

Old Mill Pond Artisan Granola

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