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Suki Dewey


A technical theater background and an older brother who involved with early happenings and political action greatly influenced my life. (He died when I was 25). It was the1970’s.  We jump 50 years in which there were years of creativity and years of simply living to the near present. In 2017 I turned a corn field into  my canvas, where I’ve stomped, pulled or cut 20 messages and comments and created a performance space. 

Artist Statement

Years ago, when we actually had TVS, I gutted one and put it in our garden for my daughter to watch. A few years later, I created a meditation garden with a gutted TV at the edge of a forest. I was asked by friend why is the scene in the frame of the TV  greener than the surrounding vegetation.. That notion intrigued me.  When I moved back to New Jersey I created a piece to test that idea with a friend and artist named Gary Uhda.  We called it TerraVision. 

TerraVision I I is a more visceral and intimate view, allowing for more inner questions than answers. What you see today is not what I saw placing the frames or what your friend will see next week.  You understand of course I’m just framing for a moment, what Mother has created!

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