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Cay Maria Adams

Cay Maria Adams is an artist living in Milford on the Delaware River and Sag Harbor NY. She is inspired to paint by the light of a moment; A moment that can take an instant, or a lifetime and many layers to see. lt could be the vulnerability in a human interaction, or the magic of light in a landscape, a moment captured and distilled to its essence. The essence of the intangible that connects us all.

She is mainly self-taught, having always painted and created throughout her life and its many various iterations. Living in Europe for 7 years had a great influence on her love of art. She did needlepoint design for many years, having been commissioned by Erica Wilson for designs for MOMA and Pierpont Morgan Library. A lot of her work now is oil on canvas paper, using very thin layers of oil and wiping away or etching in the scene to create a transparent illuminating effect.

She is now painting and showing full time on the Delaware River, inspired by its beauty and great artist community.

Cay Maria Adams
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