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Christina MacKinnon

Over the past few years, my work has seen a noticeable transformation. The

spontaneous, impulsive, and gestural lines that had characterized my work before were

gradually morphing into deliberate, structured shapes and forms. As my creative process

evolved, it underwent a significant slowdown, allowing me to infuse more

contemplation into my work.

While I had never consciously incorporated representational elements into my abstract

pieces, it became evident that they were subtly emerging. During a conversation with an

artist friend, I shared my uncertainty about these elements appearing in my work and a

sense of something missing. I felt stuck in this artistic dilemma. My friend, in response,

encouraged me to relinquish the notion that my art couldn't hint at realism and instead

seize the direction my creative process was guiding me. Embracing this advice, I

embarked on an exploration that developed fresh perspectives and a deeper

understanding of my choices as a painter. This journey of investigation led me into

enchanting realms that I started to regard as dreamscapes and imaginative abodes, places

that were, undoubtedly, far beyond ordinary landscapes.

A contemporary abstract painter based in New Jersey, MacKinnon has exhibited in

galleries throughout the US and Canada. Various publications, including the Trenton

Times, Create Magazine, and AllSheMakes, have recognized her work. She received a

2022 Fellowship Award from the New Jersey State Council on the Arts. In addition, her

work is in many public and private collections. MacKinnon lives and works from her

studio in Flemington, New Jersey, with her husband and children.

Christina MacKinnon
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