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Colleen Miller

Colleen A. Miller is a mixed media artist, printmaker, and book artist. Her work focuses on using the colors, textures, and patterns of the natural and human-created world. 

She is currently exploring mixed media in 2D and sculptural works – freeing creativity from the critical mind and going where creativity takes her. Some of her work is abstract, and some of it is more figurative.

The common threads in her art are bold colors, high contrast, free lines, textures, and layered images. Creating art feeds my soul by bringing me into a flow state of exploring paint, collage materials and all kinds of things in the physical world rather than the digital one.

Colleen graduated from Rutgers in 1984 with a B.A. in communications, with a concentration in photography. She also studied media management at the University of Missouri Graduate School of Journalism. Born in Cape May, NJ, she is a life-long New Jersey resident and currently resides in Lawrenceville. Her studio is located in Lambertville, NJ.

Colleen Miller
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