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Jessica O'Neill

Artist Statement

Nature serves not only as an inspiration for art, but in the case of encaustic, provides the medium as well. Working with beeswax and incorporating the element of fire is, in itself, a “bridge” between art and nature. In this piece, the translucent qualities of the paint invited an exploration of layers and a discovery of what reveals itself in the depths, both in the art and the artist. The more I approached both with a kind acceptance, the more beauty and lightness were uncovered. This was most evident as I observed how an accidental deep gash in the hot wax, once filled with heaviness of judgement, was able to transition into the lightness of a feather.

Meet Jessica:

For Jessica, this past year of working in encaustic has been an extension of her mindfulness practice. She’s learning to flow with the process rather than try to control it, while getting comfortable with not knowing. The lessons she receives each time she picks up a brush are the same ones she offers when she guides individuals and groups in meditation instruction. Stay open, stay curious, stay present. Stay kind.

Jessica O'Neill
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