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“SEED/s” : a group exhibition on fertile ground

a source of development or growth… 

to furnish with something that causes or stimulates growth or development…

to cover or permeate by or as if by scattering something…


When: May 4 – June 4th , 2019

Opening: Saturday Evening, May 4th, 6:30 – 8:30 . 

Wine & Cheese Reception. Donations Welcome

Erika Steffen •  Susan Mania • Kathleen Thompson •  Sandy Ross • Thomas Gunia• Wendell Jeffrey • Laura Trisiano • Bonnie Berkowitz  • Bill Macholdt • Darren McManus• Val Sivilli • Donna Stackhouse  • Ulla Warchol  • Ruth Jourjine 

SEED/s is an invitational, group exhibition.

The idea behind SEED/s is embodied in the multiple definitions of the word SEED/s. This exhibition hopes to exhibit work that explores the expansive reading and metaphorical references embodied within the word SEED/s. 2019 will mark to establish a partnership between THAT and WCCC with SEED/s as our first collaborative effort.

Whittemore is at its core, a nature center. The earth, the soil, plant life, the physical land is the heart and soul of WCCC. At WCCC, actual physical seeds take root and grow. THAT is, as well “planting its own seeds”, connecting artists that live and work throughout Hunterdon County with each other and the community.


Our 180-acre preserve was bequeathed to Tewksbury Township by our beloved Helen A. Whittemore. She was a nature lover and diarist who wanted her land and house to be preserved so that others may be awed by the natural world and inspired by its beauty to preserve it.

How does the beauty of Whittemore inspire you?  We are so excited about the partnerships we have forged and the programming we have lined up.  From talented painters, certified master gardeners, award winning musicians, children’s camps, environmentalists, and a whole host of talented professionals and enthusiasts, there are so many ways to explore the beauty of our own backyard. We can’t wait to see you!

Carolyn Thow  • President, Friends of Whittemore
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