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the trails

Visits begin at the Whittemore House (located at 7 Rockaway Road, Oldwick, NJ 08833): the former home of Helen Whittemore. It houses our Welcome Center, Artist-in-Residence Studio, Art Exhibits, Classrooms and Bathrooms.

Whittemore's 11 miles of trails wind through woodlands, meadows, vernal ponds, and Rockaway Creek and River. The trails are marked and a map is available online as well as hard copies at the Welcome Center. Since our inception in 2017, we have started a trail maintenance program, which includes enhancing our trails with boardwalks and installing interpretive signs to explain the history of the property as well as the significance of the wildlife and its habitat. We are a volunteer based organization, so if you would like to help us - please reach out to

the trails


Geocaching is a fun, outdoor treasure hunting game using GPS devices to locate hidden caches (containers). Participants navigate to a specific set of GPS coordinates and then attempt to find the hidden cache. After signing into the logbook, the cache must be placed exactly where it was found so the next person may find it.

For more information on Geocaching and detailed instructions on how to play visit

and watch the video featured below:



We have partnered with Northern New Jersey Cachers (NNJC), a one of the most respected non-profit geocaching organizations in the country. In the fall of 2017, NNJC created & launched a geocaching trail for Whittemore on which, as you hunt for your caches, you will learn about the history of Whittemore, the wildlife, and other nature facts.


To complete the challenge, you must fill out the Whittemore Geotrail brochure and uncover the secret word, then present your completed brochure to a staff member at the Welcome Center to receive your commemorative token. If we are not open, please mail your completed card to: Friends of Whittemore, PO Box 26, Oldwick, NJ 08858, and we will mail you your token.

Geotrail brochures are available at Welcome Center and / or by the Front Door.

You may also download it from our website.


— Los Nidos Hawks

"A perfect day. A wonderful experience. Our thanks to all for the joint partnership to create such an interesting series. We think Helen Whittemore would have been pleased to have so many people introduced to the land that gives so much enjoyment to all ages. You have our favorite point on this series." 



"A track is a window to the past of an animal. Look at the ground as if it were a manuscript of the animal's life. Every pock, hill, dome, etc. is the track of something. A dent in the forest floor may be the track of a fallen branch." - Tom Brown

Learning to track is a sacred responsibility. It gives you the ability to come into the center of the lives and homes of animals. You must treasure this gift and respect the animals by being non-intrusive. Getting too close to animals can cause serious disturbances including: abandoning young, disturbing nesting grounds, damaging foraging areas, and may even cause the animal's death. For example, in winter, many animals are severely stressed to gather enough energy to stay alive. Escaping from a human prescence could rob them of enough energy that they can no longer sustain themselves. Always remember that you are only a visitor into their habitat.

Detailed information on tracking wildlife can be found here.

Click here to download a helpful and informative app

by Nature Tracking.

Thank you

the arts

the arts

Whittemore's 180+ acres of beautiful landscapes including open meadows, trails, Rockaway Creek, beautiful trees, wildlife and Sculpture Garden, make painting,  sketching and photography popular activities on the property.

Use social media to post photos from your visit with the hashtag


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