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Whittemore CCC's 1st Small Works Show

Call For Artists

At A Glance

Submission Deadline:  EXTENDED to MARCH 9th, 2024

Entry Fee: Past THAT members ($10)  |  Non-THAT members ($20)

Theme: Nature

Artwork Size: Under 12” in all directions - 2D & 3D

Medium: Any

Items: 1 piece per artist

Art Drop-off: April 27th & 28th  |  10am-2pm

Private Artists-only Preview: May 3rd  |  6:30pm-8:30pm

Open House for All: Saturday & Sunday, May 4th & 5th  |  10am-5pm

Artists to Sit: Saturdays & Sundays – May 11-12, 18-19, 25-26,

June 1-2, 8-9, 15-16, 22-23  |  11am-5pm

Art Pick-up: June 30  |  10-12 pm

Tris McCall

We are thrilled Tris McCall has generously offered to choose "Best in Show" for us.  Tris McCall stands as a luminary figure in the realms of literature and art criticism, contributing to the cultural landscape with his multifaceted talents. As a distinguished writer and art critic, McCall possesses an exceptional ability to articulate the nuances and significance of artistic expression. His keen and discerning eye for artistry, coupled with an extensive background, allows him to navigate the diverse realms of creative output with insight and precision. McCall's talents extend beyond mere observation; his words weave a narrative that enriches the appreciation of art, offering profound insights into the context, technique, and emotional resonance of the works he encounters. In accepting our invitation to judge the best in show at the WCCC “Bridging Nature" exhibition, Tris McCall brings not only his expertise but a genuine passion for fostering a deeper understanding and connection with the artistic world.

Meet The Juror


This exhibition offers a fantastic opportunity for artists to showcase their talent, connect with fellow creatives, and gain exposure among art enthusiasts and collectors. We believe that your artistic vision would be a valuable addition to "Bridging Nature," contributing to a deeper exploration of our theme.


All submitted artwork must not exceed 12 inches in any dimension and be ready for install (if complicated supply directions and supplies). To register, either use the form below or send your submissions to Carolyn Thow including a high-resolution JPEG, title, dimensions, medium, and sale price or NFT information

Artists are invited to delve into the theme of nature across a spectrum of mediums, offering abundant space for interpretation. Whether it's through the inventive use of upcycled materials, the classic strokes of painting, the captivating lens of photography, the artistry of bookmaking, the delicacy of works on paper, the sculptural form, or the dynamic fusion of mixed media incorporating natural elements, we welcome diverse artistic expressions. The exhibition embraces both 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional works, providing a versatile platform for creativity that transcends traditional boundaries.

Sandy Ross - The Trail - Spring.jpeg
Artist Applicaton - Bridgng Nature

Artist Application

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Please email the following information to to complete your registration.

  • Completed & signed loan agreement.

  • Short artist bio.

  • Artist photo.

  • Additional art photos. (optional)

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