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Karin Abromaitis


Karin Abromaitis discovered pottery in the early 1990’s, then later added a number of media, materials, and methods to her eclecticrange of art making.She finds that being able to cross, combine, and connect all these forms are energizing and satisfying.


She has studied at the Penland School for Crafts, Haystack Mountain School of Crafts, Touchstone School for Crafts, NorthCountry Studio Workshops, and with many amazingly gifted and inspiring ceramic artists including Ruthanne Tudball, Bill VanGilder, Malcolm Davis, Jeff Brown, Joyce Michaud, Mel Jacobson, Ian Currie, Susan Greenleaf, and Lynn Bulhack.Artists and teachers of metal work and other media include Gretchen Raber, Nick Barnes, Nancy DeMulder, Ken Bova, Komilia Okim, BeverlyRyan, Nancy Megan Corwin, Andy Cooperman, and Mo Kelman.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.


Artist Statement

I am a maker of visual and physical stories captured in time andspace; and in gesture, color, and form.


I want my work to flow and grow and surprise me.When I am in the process of creating, which is always a grand adventure, I consider myself a conduit for visions of home, haven, sanctuary, light, life, and death which all seem to want to find a way into and then back out of me.All materials are fair game for whatever needs to come through my hands and into the world. For much ofmy life I made theater and dance.Then, 30 years ago I discovered pottery, then metal work and it all just exploded after that.


I dream of living following Martha Graham’s advice to just make everything I see in my mind’s eye.Trust the creative impulse.Trust the years of training and practice.Trust that my hands and body know more than my brain.Trust myself and the process enough to just leap without fear.To know that I will find a sense of rightness and ease and grace that fills me with awe and gratitude.

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