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Ruth Jourjine


Ruth has worked as a studio artist for over forty years. She graduated from the School of The Museum Museum of Fine Arts at Tufts University. Her work has appeared in juried, group shows and galleries including the Trenton City Museum, Grounds for Sculpture, Hamilton, NJ, Woodstock Museum, NY and Governors Island Art Fair, NY.  Also locally at the Hunterdon Art Museum and New Hope Arts Center. 


Ruth has also used collaboration to introduce art onto public land restoration projects. These projects included both a stream bank restoration and planting of pollinator gardens.  Ruth designed  sculpture that students built to highlight the area that was under restoration. The projects included High School students, volunteers, Land Stewards and Grants for funding. Using Art to bring attention to restoring the environment, even a small “habitat patch”, is a way of giving back to Nature by increasing native flora and fauna populations.


At present her work is focused on Ceramic Sculpture. It is often inspired by viewing samples from nature through a microscope. From fungi spores to plant leaves it is easy to see how forms repeat themselves to make a whole. Ruth finds porcelain clay a well suited medium to play with this concept. Spontaneity is encouraged in her work also flaws that may appear are part of the process not to over work the clay.

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