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Art Show:

Tom Gunia


Digital photography has become widely used in many professions. Gone are the days of filling our pockets with rolls of film which all had to be developed and printed - regardless of whether the subject had closed his eyes, or the duck had dived under the water just at the wrong moment. Vacations meant being prepared with numerous rolls of film of varying speeds, then waiting days to see results.

Now, with digital photography being used by the vast majority of people, we are able to pop a card into a camera, choose the setting, and concentrate on subject, lighting, background and composition. We can look at the viewer in the camera, and immediately see our results. We can take hundreds of photos during vacation or on a photo shoot, and then choose the photos we wish to keep, or delete, emptying the card for reuse over and over again.

Beginning photographers can practice their skills and see the results immediately, and experienced photographers need only make sure to have plenty of card space and fully charged batteries.


Tom Gunia has had a love for photography for many years. Starting a teenager with a 4x5 Speed Graphic Press Camera, he assisted and apprenticed with his father as a wedding photographer, eventually branching out with his own business. (All while following his career at E.I. DuPont Photo Products Research)

Tom has always been an outdoor enthusiast, enjoying nature and watching wildlife. He has a keen eye for finding wildlife amongst the tangle of trees and leaves, and with the advance of digital cameras, has now been an avid outdoor, nature and wildlife photographer for a number of years.

Tom enjoys sharing his love for photography with others, especially children, and has earned a reputation as a great mentor and guide.


July 26th,  6:30pm-8:30pm

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